Marketing Discovery Questions

Tell me about your organization in 30 seconds or less? How would you describe it to someone that knows nothing about your business?
Can you describe your business in eight (5) words or less? And if so, what are they?
Are there any obstacles that stand in your way? How can we avoid these obstacles or what needs to be done to navigate them?
What does your business do that no one else can? What makes you different from everyone else?
What can you use to make you stand out? Words, stories, images, videos, interviews, or presentations?

Customer Persona

Who is your ideal customer and why do you enjoy doing business with them?
How are you making your customer's life easier and what problems are you solving for them? (If Apply)
Have you tried any marketing solutions in the past and, if so, how did they work out?
What is your customer's gender?
What is your customer's age group?
What is your customer's income?
What is your customer's occupation? What does the person do that buys from you?
What level of education has your customer completed?
Where is your customer located?
What type of lifestyle does your customer lead? What do they like to do for fun? What are their spending habits like and what brands do they associate with?

Engaging the Customer

What issues or problems do you have with your business? What are your pain points?
What question are you getting asked all of the time?
What is stopping your customer from using your product or services?
What possible social media platforms is your customer a part of?
What is your direct and indirect competition? Provide the website links below. (3) If possible
Where is your business currently finding its customers?
What does your current business sales funnel look like?
What are you goals and expectations for this project?


What is your currently Yearly Marketing Budget?
What is your Yearly PaidĀ ADs budget?
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